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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Powder Paint Fight


For this shoot we decided to film at lunch from 12:30-1:30, this was not ideal as it did not give us much time but it was the only time we could get the artist, actors and crew together. Even with this time slot we still found that there was one artist member that could not attend however due to lack of shooting time we decided we should shoot anyway and then do another shoot on the following Monday.

Equipment- 550 digital camera and Go Pro

all of crew on the set of the paint fight



- When watching the footage back we were pleased with how the powder paint looks on camera and the choice of colours. Furthermore it was a prop that the actors could interact with playfully connoting the joyous festival feeling we were trying to create.
- We attached the go pro to a cast member and found it worked well in immersing the viewer in the paint fight.

Negatives and improvements for the next shoot

- To try and get a range of shots such as more camera movement where the camera follows the actors and natural close ups.


I felt that this shoot went better then previously as we organised time better and managed to get a wider variety of shots.

For this shoot Ellie, Masie and I all performed as extras, as a reflection from the balloon scene we realised it would be easier to use crew members as it is harder to organise time slots for more actors.

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