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Our Album Digipak- Middle

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Lighting and Set Design

Performance scene

This is the footage from the lighting test for the performance scene. The final set up can be seen at 0:45. The choice of colours was inspired by our pink and blue colour scheme that is used throughout our branding.

Final lighting scheme for performance scene

Balloon Scene

Continuing with the theme of the colour scheme the backdrop will be lit with blue lights while the floor and people will be lit with white light. This has the effect of a more light hearted feel then the performance scene as it is meant to be more fun and less serious.

We did not get a photo of the set up at the time, but here is one from the shoot. On camera it looks a lot less pink and more blue.

White Scene

For the scene when Georgie finds the cupcake we thought we should have a spot light shining on her. 

Testing out spotlight, final set up had more white light
However we decided to changed this and have the whole scene in white lighting rather than a spot light. 

All these set ups have been saved to the lighting machine so it will be easy to set up on the day. 

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