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Our Album Digipak- Back and Front

Our Album Digipak- Back and Front

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Our Album Digipak- Middle

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Website Flat plan

After playing around on Wix we found a layout we were happy with. Its' simplistic block structure will be easy to navigate and will emphasis our choice of images and video which will be visually stimulating.

This is important for our young target audience group (16-24yrs) as they will be well acquainted with this style from using programmes like Tumblr and Instagram. There will be a greater image to text ratio on the home page in order to gratify their need for entertainment through visuals and short form content as large chunks of text will be off putting.

Artist websites we referenced:


What we liked and want to transfer when making our own website:

- block structure
- simplicity
- vibrant, interesting images

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