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Our Album Digipak- Middle

Sunday, 23 November 2014

17/11/14- Balloon Scene

For this shoot we had the studio from 3:45- 9 pm and wanted to get all the shots done for this scene, as it would be hard to find another date with all the same actors. This shoot had the biggest cast which made it quite a different experience to our previous shoots. For this scene we wanted really energetic dancing, and in order to get this we had to make a comfortable environment for our actors who are not professional dancers. For this we played music they liked and communicated specifically what we wanted with them. 

It was important that the lights were switched off as often as possible in order to prevent the balloons from popping therefore we split up the tasks to sound and light, camera, director and music/props (turning the music on and throwing balloons at actors) and altered between these roles. This photo was taken by Ellie while she was in sound and light and Maisie, Molly and I did camera and directing. 


Splitting up the roles was a good way to organise it however it was often hard for us to communicate with each other and the actors over the music.
Our actors got into the mood of the scene and we got good footage of them dancing which is what we wanted.

It felt like quite a chaotic shoot with lots of actors to organise and we ended up not following the shoot board we had planned, therefore we are missing quite a few close ups.

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