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Our Album Digipak- Middle

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Singer: Georgie

We cast Georgie as our lead singer as she has previous experience of lip syncing and performing, starring in the preliminary activity as the main female role and partaking in the performance workshops. Also she is familiar with the demands of a media project having taken it last year.

Georgie in the prelim lip syncing and dancing

DJ 1: Eugene

We cast Eugene as a DJ as he is a fan of the music genre,is confident in front of camera and likes dancing. Also he will be reliable as he is my brother and I have ensured he understands the time demands of agreeing to take up this role.

He is also on the sound and light team so could be useful, and this could be a good experience for him.

DJ 2: Gavin

We thought Gavin would be good as a DJ as he takes media and has performed in previous projects. Also he is friends with Eugene therefore will have a natural on screen chemistry that group artists appear to have.

starring as the lead role in previous projects

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