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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Props list

Performance Scene

Key Hole
The idea is to make it appear as if the audience is looking through a key hole at the performers. This puts them in the position of Alice in Alice in Wonderland in the beginning when she is entering wonderland. We thought this would be a nice way to establish the first shot of the performance. We plan to make it ourselves by simply cutting a key hole shape out of black card.   

Giant Playing Cards
We wanted to have giant playing cards hanging in the back ground of the performance scene in order to make it more visually interesting. This is also a reference to Alice in Wonderland which references playing cards in the Queen of Hearts character. Also by making them giant and playing with size could be a reference to the idea of Alice shrinking and growing from drinking the liquid upon falling down the rabbit hole. 

For the DJs, we were thinking of making the illusion of them through tables and sound boards. 

For Singer, this would also include a stand.

Balloon Scene

Giant mushroom made out of balloons 
This is also a reference to Alice in Wonderland and the idea is that it is in the background of the balloon scene and then becomes a focal prop with the friends pulling the balloons off and popping them. 
We did an experiment to see how it would turn out using card for the stem and chicken wire which we then covered in newspaper for the toadstall. This is how it looked... 

For the real mushroom we will make the top much larger and only use red and white balloons to give off the impression of a mushroom. 

We want the floor to be covered with balloons so we will buy a multi pack of balloons and a pump. We have also ordered a variety of balloons, these include 2 giant balloons which we think will be good for some close up or them flying through the air and 25 marbled balloons. This scene also includes a pinata so we ordered one from the same site, our basket is bellow.... 

Powder Paint Fight

Powder paint
This is obviously an important prop for this scene. We plan to order 1 assorted pack of 12 colours in 500g and 2 packs of 2.5 kg tubs in the colors purple and pink. 


To make:
10 giant cards
key hole
confetti for inside of pinata
giant balloon mushroom

To order:
500 balloons (shades of pink and blue and red and white ones for mushroom)
powder paint
pinata sticks
2 giant balloons
marble balloons

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