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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Shoot-Board,Shoot Schedule and Call List

Part of the planning process is to create the shoot board, shoot schedule and call list, which helps get organized for shooting- getting props, actors, location, equipment together.

Shoot Board

In order to create this we looked at our animatic and transferred each shot into the shoot board, organizing them by scene.
Here's an example from the balloon scene of the detail we put into the shoot board...

We did this for every scene and every shot. 

Shoot Schedule

We then used this to make the shoot schedule. When doing this you think of the most efficient way of shooting each scene by looking at the practicalities, which is usually not filming in the chronilogical order shoots appear on screen. For example for the balloon scene for which we had a large cast as well as the three artist members, we organised it so that we did all the group shots first and then the shots that included artist members only. This meant the group of extras could leave early and wont be hanging around waiting to film. It is also a very useful at giving you a rough idea of the timings of your shoot.

Colour code:
Blue- when not filming

Call Sheet

The call sheet is a simplified version of the shoot schedule that lets actors and crew know when they are needed for make up, costume and shooting.

This is the accompanying call sheet for the shoot schedule above.

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