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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Performance scenes

11/11/14 (DJ Shots)

Actors: DJs

This was our first shoot for the performance scene and featured just the DJs. As this was our first time setting up for this scene we soon discovered that it would take longer then anticipated. The main time consumer was the lighting, it took a lot of fiddling about with in order to achieve the look we wanted- for the DJs to be in blue and Georgie in pink, without the actors being too dark and fading into the background. Although we had done this previously with us standing in for the DJs we are different heights to them and when we brought their decks in the composition changed. We ended up using the back lights to light them. We also had to light the playing cards individually as they hung at different levels. 

us setting up the playing cards for the shoot

However once issues with the set were over the shoot flowed smoothly, we played music which our actors reacted well to with high energy and movement. We even got around to using the glide cam, to get movement shots that are typical of music videos. 

me using the glide cam

14/11/14 (DJ and Georgie shots)

periods 2&3- DJ's

periods 4&5- Georgie

For this shoot we came in early to set up as we did not want a repeat of last time and wanted to maximise the time we had with our actors for filming. First we shot the DJ's which I think was more successful then previously as we had a clearer idea of what we wanted and our actors were more comfortable with their roles.

After break we shot Georgie for the first time. Her make up took about 10 minutes to do but we suspected this. The first take was not her strongest performance but she soon got into role and responded well to the feedback we gave her e.g. to enunciate the lyrics more. For this shoot we were just filming "beauty shots"another typicality of music videos, and mid close as we did not have the DJ's in the background, therefore a strong lip sync is key. We were very happy with our footage. 

16/11/14 (All of the Group) 

7:30am- 12pm

This was our Saturday shoot with all artist members and their first time to perform as a group. It was good that they all had previous experience as I think practice made them more comfortable and confident with their roles which showed in this scene.

We finished shooting early and got time to get some promotional shots.  

us on set

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