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Our Album Digipak- Back and Front

Our Album Digipak- Back and Front

Our Album Digipak- Middle

Our Album Digipak- Middle

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Album Cover


The focal image was created by layering two images on top of each other at slightly different places and lowering the opacity, creating a blurred effect. The image is composed with Georgie in the middle and the two boys on either side, which works to establish her as the singer. 

The album is self titled therefore the main text on the cover is the artist name. This is in the same font as the website, however we decided to use the powder paint differently- reversing it so that the font itself is made up of paint, as this worked better with the composition of the cover.

Although we were aiming to achieve a minimal aesthetic when creating this cover, when receiving feedback from peers it was suggested to add a texture to give it more depth. We experimented with overlaying images of lighting from live performances as this tied in with our genre nicely:

Feedback from 16 year old male "looks a bit david bowie wouldn't buy"

"I like the image of the artist but the font does not compliment it well" - from same person as above

However we concluded that the initial plain duplicated effect was enough and when speaking with member of our target audience (as opposed to peers) they confirmed this decision saying it was they preference.


Continuing with our running theme of powder paint, we decided we wanted to have powder paint smudges with the track titles on top. After discussing with Chris (the technician) we decided instead of taking photos of powder paint we could download a "smudge" tool for Photoshop off the internet. These came in a variety of smudges that you could re size to get the shape you wanted. 

Inspired by the simplicity of Disclosure's album we decided to align out track titles in the center furthermore it corresponded nicely with the front cover which is also aligned through the middle.

aligned in the center

It is important that both the album cover and website used the same fonts to create a clear branding. These fonts we decided on were"Mad Zombies" for the artist name and "Arial" for the body text. I found these fonts complimented each other well with "Arial" being simpler and easy to read and "Mad Zombies" more exciting and interesting. 

example text from website- same fonts on album cover

Production company logo

It is conventional for the back of the album cover to feature production company logos. Our production company is called Technicity, a branch off Universal, that specialises in the dance music genre. When creating their logo I took this genre into consideration being the main inspiration behind decision of font and image.


The CD will be covering the right side therefore we decided to place the boys here as they are positioned on opposite sides leaving space in the middle for the CD. This also continues to establish Georgie's role as singer and front woman, as she is placed separately on her own page.

The composition of the photographs, in particular Eugene and Gavin, continues to follow the theme of aligning in the middle as shown on the front and back cover. 

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