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Our Album Digipak- Back and Front

Our Album Digipak- Back and Front

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Our Album Digipak- Middle

Friday, 19 December 2014

Website Interactivity

It is important that the website encourages audience involvement with the band, is informative and provides purchasing opportunities. When improving the website these were the key things we focused on.


Competitions are a good way to involve the fans and give them something back. We thought a festival inspired competition would be good for our target audience. The competition we created required fans to send in their best festival pictures, to have the chance of winning two free vip tickets to Lovebox festival (a day festival in London targeted at 16-24's). There will be a photo archive of everyone's submitted photos, encouraging fans to interact with each other. Our competition is advertised on the home page. 


There are gadgets in the Wix App Market that offered opportunities for audiences to sign up for updates. 

Purchasing Opportunities 

It is conventional for the website of an artist to work to promote and sell their latest album. This was something that we had not yet incorporated into our website. We worked to integrate this into our Home and Music pages.  

Music page

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