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Our Album Digipak- Back and Front

Our Album Digipak- Back and Front

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Our Album Digipak- Middle

Sunday, 14 December 2014

25/11/15- Back Up Shoot

This studio session was for shots that we missed from previous shoots that after reviewing the footage in editing thought were necessary. We also took this as an opportunity to take out album cover and promotional shots.

CU balloon scenes with Kayvon, Josh and Matt

In order to have a wider variety of shots to make the video more interesting we thought we should get some close ups from the balloon scene as previously we only got long shots and shots with the dolly. 

Finishing shot

We also needed to shoot the final shot for the video- Georgie "waking up"/ returning to reality.

Album and promotional pictures

Album Cover

For the album cover we had an idea to have Georgie front on, facing the camera with Gavin and Eugene on either side looking the opposite way. For this we wanted them to be in white T-shirts so that when we overlayed them, it would not look strange.

90 degrees

45 degrees

front on

Promotional Pictures

Previously we had taken photos after various set ups from the music video, but it was important to get some promotional shots for the website. For this we styled the boys in shirts for a smart/casual look, which Georgie's styling also reciprocated, with a metalic crop top, leggings and heeled boots. We took a variety of shots, individual and together with both fun and serious poses. 

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