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Friday, 5 September 2014

Myself as a Consumer

How/Where/When do I consume music?

How? Computer (YouTube) , Phone (Spotify), TV music channels (in the ad breaks)

Where? Bedroom, Bus, Living room

When? I have time e.g. on the bus to school. Don't have a regular routine of listening to music.

Why? Something to do

3 Tracks that mean something to me

Choose a song from your...

- Childhood

When I was young I listened to my dads music...

...and then when I was 10 I discovered Lily Allen


- Early Teens

After coming out of the pop pre-teen music stage, my favorite genre was indie rock and I would often go to gigs where I found that I discovered more new bands that played as support acts.


I now listen to a range of music from different genres unlike previously. My current favorite artists are: Kate Tempest, Alex Turner, Pete Doherty, The Pouges, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Dylan, Beans On Toast.

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