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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Inspirational Music Videos & possible genre and song choice

I like the idea of using old ideas and aesthetics and modernising them as done in Lana Del Rays' National Anthem with 50's America and Alt J's Tesselate with Italian Renaissance.

Modernisation of Raphael's "The School of Athens"

JFK and Jackie O

Lana Del Rey & ASAP Rocky

However this is quite a specific idea. Another idea that I'm interested in, is doing a video that is based on speed up and rewind effects

For this a fast song would be good, so something in the dance genre.

When looking into this genre I found that I liked music videos directed by Ryan Staake...

I like how his videos have a fairly straight forward performance style concept, but his use of colour and effects make them different and visually interesting.

Possible ideas
A paint fight- involves colour, slo mo would look good, everyone wearing white, white studio/room.

Videos that show that music accompanied with paint exploding works well.

Possible song (colour theme):
- dreamlike
- summer feel
- feel good

suitable lyrics:

"you got me going, like fireworks exploding" - paint exploding
"flashing moments"
"I can feel my universe open up" -Imagination/fantasy

I also like the use of colour in this video 

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