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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Make up and constume

Make Up

We had a meeting with Olivia to discuss and experiment our ideas for make up. First we were told everyone on camera has to wear make up even if we don't want them to look "made up". 

Balloon scene 

For the balloon scene we wanted there to be a festival inspired make up look. We experimented with blue and pink eye shadow. For the extras we discussed glitter and in general bold shapes and colours.

We are thinking of doing it without the yellow for the real shoot.

Forest Paint fight

Decided on naturalistic make up in order to make the paint stand out.

Neon Scene

Told to be careful when applying neon paint as it is important to get it right the first time. As we are unsure whether we have enough black light for neon to be possible, an alternative is to use dark colours such as purple and to invert the colours when editing to give of the illusion of neon face paint. 

Notes from the meeting on tips and brands:


Notes on costume for each scene: 

Performance scene: 

DJ costume: short sleeved shirts, black trousers and trainers 

Tried a variety of outfits, took pictures and showed them to the group. 

Final outfit:

Second choice shirt that we brought to school and Gavin ended up wearing.

Georgie (lead singer) 

We used Facebook chat to talk to Georgie, and get her to send us costume options. 

1. Grey crop top and disco pants

We thought this was alright and suited her characters image but not glamorous enough for performance scene. 

2. Gold jumpsuit 

We liked this outfit as it was more glamorous then the previous outfit without being too girly. 

White scene (cupcake)

For this scene we wanted Georgie to be in casual cloths. 

The group had a conversation with Georgie on Facebook chat discussing costume and make up. 

We decided on jeans, grey sweater and red trainers. 

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