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Our Album Digipak- Back and Front

Our Album Digipak- Back and Front

Our Album Digipak- Middle

Our Album Digipak- Middle

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Green- Forest Scenes
Pink- Perfromance
White- Seaward Studio
Blue- Baloons
Black- Neon Performance


The animatic serves as a combination of your mood board and shot list, together with the song. It helps to imagine how the video will look and raise issues from the story board such as what shots will look good together.

From doing this we realised that there were some head and shoulder shots of Georgie performing next to side on mid close up sots of Georgie in the narrative (eating the cake) which could look weird next to each other or alternatively become a graphic match if we made them both face on.

For us the changes in the rhythm of the music effect the mood, and we wanted to pick the best shots to match the mood. Therefore seeing the story board combined with the track was very helpful.

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