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Our Album Digipak- Back and Front

Our Album Digipak- Back and Front

Our Album Digipak- Middle

Our Album Digipak- Middle

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Album Cover Flat Plan

Focal image

As this is our artist debut album for the front cover we thought of having a face on shot in order to introduce them with the audience.

Style ( Font and Colour)

We wanted the font to be white and simplistic, possibly all lower case or capital. For the white to stand out the focal image would need to be colorful. We wanted the colors of the powder paint in the video to be reflective of the artist stylistic color scheme choices and we were thinking of using mainly pink/purple and blue powder paint.


Focal Image

The back we wanted a naturalistic shot of a group of friends, possibly from behind. We were hoping to get this photo on the day of the shoot in the forest after the powder paint fight.

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