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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Art of the Title Grid Activity- Evaluation

1. Summarize your film idea.

Our film has a different take on the horror genre. The idea was that there was a serial killer disguised at a caretaker working in secondary schools. He kidnaps and murders teenage girls, preserves their bodies and then dresses them up as 5 year old children. His name is Clarence, hence the films title. Later in the film more will be revealed about why this psycho killer acts like he does- he lost his daughter when she was a child.

The film opening is intended to fill the audience in on what Clarence does- it shows the process of his preservation; selecting his victims, killing them, and dressing them up. 

2. What kind of information has been included in your film opening
The setting- a school, is established. The main character is introduced and it is revealed that he is a serial killer, the opening also displays how he selects his victims and what he does with them. In some ways it is a mini narrative, focused on one girl in particular- Georgie, showing the beginning and end of her story.

The opening also includes different information such as the actors and directors of the film and also the film title.

3. How do your titles link to the main film idea?

It focuses on the main character on the film, what he does and how he does it. This means the rest of the film can focus on the other aspects of the character- his history and how it has affected him.

4. Summarise the expected audience reaction. What should the audience be thinking by the end of your opening? Is your opening clear or ambiguous?

Audiences might react to this opening shocked, scared and disgusted- what you would expect from a film of the horror genre. I think it is a very clear opening however leaving many unanswered questions for the rest of the film to unveil.

5. Identify three things that you included in your grid that are important in the construction of an opening sequence and explain their role in understanding the film

The titles are important as they tell you a lot about the films genre. They also tell you what actors feature in it and who the director is. All these increase the anticipation for the rest of the film.

I think the shots that establish a sense of setting are important ( shots 3, 4 and 5)

6. How effective is your project as a film opening?

I think it is effective in that in conforms to the expectations of the genre. It follows the pattern of many horror movies that feature a serial killer, where it opens telling the story of one person a victim for example. This the enables the film to focus on another aspect of the story giving the film another layer.

I think there is too much happening, which can be disorientating for the viewer for an opening scene.

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