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Friday, 27 September 2013

The Accident- Continuity Analysis

The continuity practice brief was to create a narrative showing an accident taking place in 6 shots. Our story is about a boy doing hurdles on a school field, and fall over the final one.

Things we did well

- Match on Action
There is match on action in the first 3 shots where the boy is warming up, mainly significant in shots 2 and 3.
There is also match on action displayed from the long shot of the boy jumping over hurdles filmed behind him, to the mid close of him from in front of him coming over hurdles.

Rules We Broke

 - The 180 Degree Rule
 In the penultimate shot where the boy is running up to the final hurdle and falls over, we did not stick by the 180 degree rule, making it look as if he is running back on him self.

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