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Our Album Digipak- Back and Front

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Our Album Digipak- Middle

Friday, 18 July 2014

2. What have you learnt from participating in each of the prelim tasks?

Audition Video

This was my first experience with performing in front of camera dancing and lip syncing, and from watching it back I learnt that the for it to look good you have to not be self conscious.

In the editing process Vivian and I leant that the best way to edit a remake of something where you have to match the lip-sync to a track it is best to look at the performance beds of the clip and match that to the track.

Leaning and Practicing Your Performance

I found that the rehearsals were good as the coaches taught us many helpful tricks and tips on how to achieve the dance routines.

the dance coach working with us on real shoot

Help to plan and organise your costume  

From this I learnt to just bring in lots of options and ask people.

The Shoot

From the shoot I learnt to care and time that is required to get the best footage and that it is not a quick process and that it is really important to work as a team and be alert and ready for doing tasks such as set changes. I also learnt about the more technical aspect in lighting.

The Edit

I learnt many new skills in the edit, in particular grading and using this to create the effect of flashing lights. I also got much more confident in matching the lipsync to the track since the audition video.

flashing lights

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