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Monday, 5 January 2015

3. What have you learned from your audience feedback


The uses and gratifications theory suggests audiences consume media to gratify their need to identify, be entertained, to learn and for social integration. Following this theory, we researched into our chosen audiences' identity, in order to help create a music video that would best target them.

Who is the audience for the pop/dance genre?

Dance music translates well live, in clubs and festivals as it is easy to dance to therefore part of the way in which fans of the dance music genre consume their music and experience it will be through live events. Part of the reason why people are fans of this genre of music is for this social aspect of festivals and clubbing.

Although it is typically popular with youth, fans of dance music stretch throughout a wide variety of ages especially adults who were the prime audience when acid house music became popular in the 80's.

The common denominator throughout all age groups is enjoyment of the "live" music experience.

Our Target Audience

We chose to target our artist at the prime audience of dance music, the 16-24's. The following "Loupe" shows a number of pictures that show the lifestyle of the target audience, hover the mouse over each pictures to enlarge.

Primary audience: Prominently females, aged 16-24
Secondary: Males, aged 16-24

Feedback Throughout Production

It was useful that we were part of our target audience age group as we could easily find people to give us feedback throughout the production stages. This was important as we often found ourselves surprised by audience response. For example when creating out logo, we arranged a focus group with some members of the target audience and asked whether they preferred dusty pink to blue, although the overall preference was blue, which we expected as it is more gender neutral, however a lot of boys preferred the pink to blue which we did not expect.

Feedback on the music video, album cover and website 

Towards the end of our project, we showed our edit to a member of the target audience- Izzie, a 17 year old, interested in many genres of music including dance, and regular festival go-er, to see if there was anything we could add to improve our video and to see the response.

It was reassuring to hear that the use of colours was something that Izzie mentioned was good and memorable as we spent time specifically choosing the right colours in research and planning and were inspired by the use of colour in music videos.

When asked what could be improved she said that more time could be spent of the ending in order to make the narrative more clear. 

When commenting on the website she said "The layout made things easy to find, especially tour dates." and that "Behind the scenes pictures and "about us" was a good insight into the band members."

And that the album cover "reflects the song" and "looks clean neat simple, and not tacky". I think that "reflects the song" is good feedback as it suggests that we successfully created a brand image that reflected the artists' music.

The full interview is below:

However this is just one persons opinion, in order to get a wider range of people to get more accurate overall feedback we made a survey.

In order to find out if we had successfully appealed to the target audience, in the survey we asked people what genre of music is their preference and whether they would listen to more songs by Lucid City based on the music video.

This is what we found out...

A new survey was carried out in which we asked what genre people thought the music video was, and there was a some confusion.

More people thought the genre was Pop then Electronic, this might have been due to the performance shots that we put in to challenge the conventions of the Electric Dance genre. However the fact that more people thought the genre was pop, would suggest to me that when challenging these conventions we needed to adapt them in a way that was true to the Electric Dance genre. For example, maybe Georgie should not have been in such heavy make up and glamorous styling.

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