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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Papa & Sons- Q&A with director

Things I learnt

1) The Q & A gave me an insight on the marketing strategies of the film. Marcus knew that Greek communities all across London were his prime target audience, therefore directing his release around them by:

  • Targeting cinemas in areas with large Greek communities e.g Cineworld Wood Green & Enfield
  • Getting the priest to mention his film in Sunday service
  • Using Facebook ads to target just those who are have Greek listed as one of their languages
Another potential audiences included fish & chip shop owners, he targeting them by tweeting every fish & chip shop across Britain. This worked, in one case he got a tweet back saying that one fish & chip owner had taken all his family and friends buying thirty tickets on the day of screening. 

With little budget left for marketing, the day before release Marcus actually stood out side of the cinema and handed out leaflets himself. 

2) Independent films often have little budget and not much money to spend on actors, therefore the script is vital to getting the 'big name actors'. Stephen Dillane, who plays Harry Papadopoulus, really liked the script but the shooting clashed with Game Of Thrones. However when his son, Frank Dillane agreed to play James Papadopoulus, Stephen made Game of Thrones re-schedule their shoot for the chance to play an on screen the father-son-relationship with his real son.  

3) The film proved successful in Greece and Germany, this is likely because of its' themes of economic collapse.

4) This was the first film Marcus had directed, he went on a short course before and that was all his knowledge on it. 

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